How to Fix Audio Playback Issues in PowerPoint Presentations

Despite the fact that there are different reasons why music or other sound probably won’t play accurately in a PowerPoint introduction, similarity is the most well-known reason. Figure out how to investigate and resolve sound playback issues in PowerPoint. Guidelines in this article apply to PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010, and PowerPoint for Office 365.

Ensure the File Format Is Supported

On the off chance that you are not utilizing one of the accompanying bolstered sound document designs, consider changing over it to a suggested configuration and after that reinserting it in the introduction.

The accompanying sound document designs are upheld in PowerPoint:

  • AIFF Audio document, .aiff
  •  AU Audio document, .au
  • MIDI document, .mid or .midi
  • MP3 Audio document, .mp3
  • Propelled Audio Coding — MPEG-4 Audio document, .m4a, .mp4 Windows Audio document, .wav
  • Windows Media Audio document, .wma

Advance Media

Advancing your sound media for similarity is the most ideal approach to determine sound playback issues when you share your PowerPoint introduction.

1) Go to File.

2) Select Info.

How to Fix Audio Playback Issues in PowerPoint Presentations

3) Select Optimize Compatibility

In the event that Optimize Compatibility shows up, your media configuration may have similarity issues on another gadget. In the event that it doesn’t show up, there are no similarity issues and the introduction is prepared to be shared.

Advance Media Compatibility PowerPoint

  • Pause while PowerPoint advances your sound.
  • Advance Media Compatibility complete
  • Select Close when the procedure is finished.

Inserting sound records as opposed to connecting to them will ensure playback. This builds the span of your introduction, however packing your sound records enables spare to space.

  • Go to File.
  • Pick Info
  • Select Compress Media.
How to Fix Audio Playback Issues in PowerPoint Presentations

Pick the sound quality choice you need to apply and pause while PowerPoint packs your media documents.

PowerPoint pack media choices

5) Select Close when the procedure is finished.


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