How to Merge Two Documents in Microsoft Word

Union the Two Documents

To begin, open the main archive you need to go about as the essential record. At that point, utilizing the top toolbar, click on the “Audit” tab, and discover the catch marked “Look at.”

How to Merge Two Documents in Microsoft Word
  • From here, click the choice to “Join …” starting from the drop menu.
  • This will open up an auxiliary box where you’ll have to choose the two archives you need to join from a drop-down rundown.

Pick the primary report you need to go about as the ace. By and large, you’ll need this to be the first duplicate, while the second report ought to be the duplicate with any alters from other individuals. Additionally, ensure you utilize the “Mark plain changes” box to recognize which clients made changes to which parts of the archive. On the off chance that you click “More,” you can likewise control where these progressions will be appeared, in the “First archive,” the “Amended record,” or in “Another report.”

How to Merge Two Documents in Microsoft Word
  • Deal with the Combined Document
  • When the record is consolidated, you’ll be welcomed by the accompanying window.

Here you’ll see three autonomous areas – the left demonstrating the “Amendments” made to the report, the center appearing consolidated archive, and the correct segment which will indicate both the first record and the reexamined archive all the while.On the off chance that this measure of data is a bit excessively overpowering, you can tap the “Look at” catch once more, and look down to discover the choice marked “Shroud source archives.”

Converge in Additional Copies

On the off chance that you’d like to include more duplicates, (for example, in the case of having different alters per record), just recurrent a similar procedure as you did above, however utilize the “Changed report” as your unique duplicate, and after that locate the auxiliary archives you need to include from a similar show you utilized for the underlying import.


  • Obviously, in the event that you need to eliminate all the confused estimates recorded over, there’s dependably the trusty procedure of just hitting Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.
  • To utilize this alternative, discover the source message that you need to bring into your new record, and select anything you need to carry over with your mouse.

Next, either right-click the content or pick “Duplicate” starting from the drop menu, or basically utilize the key direction referenced above to cut the content and glue it into the new record you need to alter.

Wrapping Up

The manner in which you blend your two records will at last rely upon the measure of control you need to have over what gets imported, just as what number of alters are made accessible amid the modification procedure. Fortunately, Word incorporates a few distinct choices for consolidating reports, so you can utilize it anyway suits your own case the best!

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